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Niets is sterker dan de stilte

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      (SILENT) RETREAT                    SINAI DESERT
                RESOURCE YOURSELF

March - April 2023
sat 14 October - sat 28 October 2023

mon 13 November - mon 27 November 2023
 (with talkingcircle)

Let yourself be embraced by the power of nature, the splendor of the vast desert landscape, and become one with the quantum field of creation.

                                     THE PROCESS


In 2001 I had this lucid dream... Read full article here

Four months after I had that dream, I packed my backpack and went to the region that would become my playground for over 20 years now. I had numerous initiations there and many more mystical experiences. This following up of that guidance coming out of the unknown created one of the biggest shifts in my life.


My parents used to ask me every time I would return to the desert... ‘but what are you going to do there over and over again? There is nothing to see or nothing to do.’ I tried to explain them many times. In the beginning years it was hard to put it in words. After a while I gave up. Since 7 years I am really able to capture in precise words what it is that can play out those endless possibilities in the Sinai and how that process works for me...


It is exactly that...that there is nothing or no one or no things. This is exactly it. It means there is so much ‘so called’ empty space, that you go easily and naturally beyond the linear time, and dive into the quantum field. The field where all possibilities exist. You literally lose track of time, and finally you will transcend your self. I feel it's through consciously connecting with that natural intelligence, that vibration in that spacious surrounding with all its natural elements, that the impact of that energy field gets a boost. And that s one of the main contribution to the process that is taking place during this walks. I experience it as if... Read full article here


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Learn to let go

The full package of working life, family, obligations of all kind, agendas and other responsibilities can get so intense that they tend to leave almost no time and space to be with the self.
Together these can have a negative
impact on your functionality and disturb your equilibrum.


Do you seek space and time just for yourself once in a while?  Do you crave to get away from the rat race and get some respite?

Do you want to get the joy of life back?

Maybe the time is there  to step out of your comfort zone.  When you break away from your daily grind you can create time to fully reconnect with yourself.  You are worthy!   Also for deep inner peace and abundance .  Create the opportunity for you to experience what it feels to align with the stream of Life again.


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Embrace Challenges

Life is not about surviving.  Insist on more.    Embrace the opportunities that lay in every challenge and live your dreams.  Dare to make new choices.


You want to take your responsibility into your own hands?  You want to live your passion?  Are you standing on that crossroad?

Let your heart shine again!  Bring your gifts into the world and attain the full power of life.  

Simply return to the source of all life.  Through connecting with the natural elements earth, fire, air, water and ether (or space).  From the vortex of your inner peace will emerge the fountain of an inspired life. 

Everyone deserves a life full of abundance. You are born for that. Go for it!

When you confront your self and have a dialogue with the self in the silence
of the ancient mystical desert of Sinaï, you become aware of your own  existence in relation to the cosmic truth and time.  You begin to look at the world from your own space and state of being.  You become completely free,
and are filled with the 'natural love intelligence' of Life.


A life full of experiences.  Constantly in search of wisdom and strength.

Wim Everix and Walk for Gold are inextricably linked.  After completing his further education, Wim moved to India. As he often says, "in search of himself". For 5 months he worked there with street children in an orphanage called "Navjeevan Home for Boys", in Vellanad, Kerala.

On several occasions, he stayed in the community around Guruji to study Ashtanga Yoga.  Additionally, he was introduced to centuries-old meditation and breathing techniques through a "chance" encounter with a Yogi in the South-East of India.  Adhering to the motto of "follow the life-signs" he also spent time living with the Aboriginals in Australia, in a small village called Beswick in Arnhemland.

These days Wim shares his extensive life experiences with others to help them reconnect with Life's essence and the abanduncy which naturally arises from that place.  He is a certified life coach and a former yoga teacher in Nilambe Buddhist meditation center in Sri Lanka.


In 2001, 3 months after his return from travelling the world for 7 years, Wim had a verry vivid dream in which was announced that he would go to Mt Sinai.

4 months later he packed his backpack to go on a first solo hike from the Red Sea to the Holy Mozes Mountain. 

With more then 20 years of experience doing solo silence tours in the Sinai Desert he now guides individuals and small groups on 'Soul Initiation Retreats'.  He has been doing this for several years now. He knows the region like the back of his hand and he enjoys full confidence among the local Bedouin community.

When you go on a trip with Wim it is guaranteed that you will have a profoundly enriching life changing experience that will transform your outlook on life, for good.

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Mahatma Gandhi