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In 2001 I had this lucid dream wherein someone unknown, announced me I had to go to Mt Sinai. Waking up with goosebumps all over my body, straight away I had a deeper knowing that a huge opportunity was waiting for me. I did not know what, because it came to me from a different dimension. And like often in that case, the why is not released. It is by stepping further in the unknown that life will reveal it s mission. I instantly felt I had no other choice then to follow up this invitation. Stepping out, for a brief moment, out of the life you know, out of the field that is familiar to you and feels comfortable, away from all that connects you to your past, that s where you can experience quantum jumps in life.

It was in 2001, that the message I got from a Sadhu in India somewhere in the later parts of the 90s, became reality. He told me back then that there would be a time in my life where I would start choosing consciously to go to certain places to reconnect with old parts of my soul. In that way I would become more whole again. This time it was rising from my subconsciousness to my consciousness.

And of I went. Four months after I had that dream, I packed my backpack and went to the region that would become my playground for over 20 years now. I had numerous initiations there and many more mystical experiences. This following up of that guidance coming out of the unknown created one of the biggest shifts in my life.

My parents used to ask me every time I would return to the desert... ‘but what are you going to do there over and over again? There is nothing to see or nothing to do.’ I tried to explain them many times. In the beginning years it was hard to put it in words. After a while I gave up. Only since a year or 7 I am able to capture in words what it is that can play out those endless possibilities in the Sinai and how that process works for me.

But it's exactly that...that there is nothing or no one or no things. This is exactly it. It means there is so much ‘so called’ empty space, that you go easily and naturally beyond the linear time, and dive into the quantum field. The field where all possibilities exist. You literally lose track of time, and finally you will transcend your self. I feel it's through consciously connecting with that natural intelligence, that vibration in that spacious surrounding with all its natural elements, that the impact of that energy field gets a boost. And that s one of the main contribution to the process that is taking place during this walks. I experience it as if you get absorbed by a force that is in everything and everywhere. Probably that energy which they call prana in India and chi in China. I, personally like to call it ‘the natural love intelligence’. It is working through you in a constant way. This entire magical desert is filled with it. You can not not feel it. You can not block it. It naturally penetrates your body. I feel it works through the body from both sides at the same time in the vertical connection between heaven and earth. From below it is entering through your feet and the root chakra and at the same time from above it enters the body through the crown chakra. This vital life force that penetrates your body, clears out all of your energy centers.

Usually in the normal daily life we put a lot of our attention in the outside world. Even more typical when you are in a stress or survival mode. People unconsciously go and look for a situation in the outside world that meets, confirms and reinforces those lower emotions. Because of the empty space all around you in this amazing desert, those lower emotions that you could possibly still carry within you, they don t meet any longer the outside situations that would normally confirm them. In a matter of days they loose there power over you. And so, your energy tends to stay with you, within you. So it literally means that there is a lot of energy being liberated, especially from the lower energy centers. Once this energy in your lower centers feels free, once it is liberated from all your reactional behavior, this energy stays within you. And than, I feel, it naturally finds its way up to the heart. The same counts for the energy coming from above. There is less and less thoughts because you no longer can stay in a reaction mode anymore. So you don't get triggered any longer from what is in the outside world, due to the empty space that you are walking in. Those thoughts increase in intensity and they get less and less in amount. Naturally the mind gets quiet ... and the brain finally relaxes ... into nothingness. Why? Because your thoughts don't find a match anymore in the empty surrounding of that 'mind blowing desert'. So there is no 'ping pong' going on between thoughts and emotions and emotions and thoughts. The quiet mind relaxes the brain. The result is again that an enormous amount of beautiful energy also gets liberated here. Because all that energy is free tomove, not being captured any longer by an overactive mind, it is naturally descending into your heart.

Eventually you can enter into a state where you have no more needs, no more longings. Where there is no fears, where you understand all and also each other...even if you speak a different language or you don t speak at all. After more than 20 solo trips into that magical desert, I dare to say that this is the natural process that takes place within you. You will literally step into oneness and discover again that you are a divine being.

This is the perfect state of being where there is full heart coherence and brain coherence. A state where your heart and your brain starts to work naturally together. It's also the state of being from where you can work with patterns and belief systems that you want to transform or leave behind. It's the stage where you can heal everything through the bliss, the love, the gratitude...that arises naturally from the debt of your heart. From that state of being you can literally start creating anything you want.

When you are in this state, another thing starts to happen. Your energy body becomes huge. I don't know how huge it becomes, but it becomes enormous. What I do know for sure, and all what I write here I know out of my own experience, it's that when you are in that state, you r vibrating at a level where your energy body naturally functions as a bumper. Your energy body is like a natural protection shield, build around your physical body. When your energy body is so huge, unpleasant situations, words, people will no longer have an impact on you.

From all what I share here with you, I could give you dozens of examples, coincidences, synchronicities, magic and even miracles that happened throughout all those years. So, in the Sinai desert, it all can happen to you too. You will naturally step into what I now know as the quantum field. That field where suddenly, everything is possible. When you are in this state, that state of full coherence of heart and brain, you can step deeper and deeper into oneness. Possibilities in the form of thoughts and visions just come to you. You are no longer the thinker. You become the receiver of pure divine guidance.

After 18 trips (18 years) the idea came to me to start giving others this opportunity as well to live that same possibility. And this is why i called ‘Walk for Gold’ into existence.

I am not a scientist, neither an exceptional human being. I am like you. I just decided one day to follow up a dream and jumped into the unknown, way out of my comfort zone.

If you want to take a quantum leap as well and you decide to come on a trip with us, we will be more than happy to welcome you. Me and my team of dear Bedouin friends will be in full service to give you a life changing experience.


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