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Sinai Desert Retreat

Price: 2450 Euros

March 2023

April 2023


NEW : from springtime 2023 onwards we organize individual trips 


There the groups become more and more international, participants arrive from many different countries on different time schedules in Sharm El Sheikh.  There for, each participant makes the way to the place on the Red Sea where we will stay for two nights, individually.  We can reserve a taxi for you on arrival.

The first two days are organized in function to slow down your pace.  From the seaside we are transported by a minibus to the starting point of the trip into the desert where our Bedouin crew and the camels will join us.

In 10 or 11 days of walking (depending on the pace of the group/or individual) we go deep into the fabulous desert and start the organic process of realigning our selves .   We walk at a leisurely pace through a breathtaking landscape and establish fully our connection with the source of life energy. 

We experience life in the desert as the Bedouins have experienced it for hundreds of years.  We will gather wood, bake bread in the Earth, and sleep under the starry sky.  We enjoy every step, till we reach the summit of Mount Sinai (the Moses Mountain).

While we walk in the desert, our travel gear and backpacks will be carried by the camels.  If you feel tired or if the walk proves to be too much at a moment, you can ride on the back of a camel as the Bedouins do and have done for centuries passed.

A normal physical condition and an open mind are all you need to make this trip an unforgettable life changing experience.



Day 1

From Sharm El Sheikh airport you take a taxi to our first residence on the Red Sea.  The exact location will be shared after inscription.  On special request we can arrange a taxi for you.  At the residence we have free time until dinner.  We have some time to get to know each other and a short briefing about the days to follow.

Day 2
After breakfast, the day will be filled with specific assignments who will guide us through the day.  We will have lunch in a different place and will return for evening dinner. 

Day 3
After breakfast we will drive from the Red Sea to the starting point where we shall begin our journey into the desert.  We start tuning in with our new environment.

Day 4 - 12
Our daily walks will eventually bring us to the top of Mount Sinai.  The pace of the group determines the route that we will take and the time we spend walking in the desert.  Close Canyon, White Canyon and Ein Houdra Oasis are some of the exquisitely beautiful places that we can experience together along the journey. We will break the silence at the top of the Moses Mountain.  We will spend the night at the top of this power spot.  In the morning we will witness the spectacular sunrise before starting our descent.

A possible extra...we may spend another night amidst the largest olive grove of the St Catherine Monastery community before descending to the mountain village St Catherine.  It is depending on our course of journey and the pace we decide to take during our walks.

Day 13
After the descent we will have lunch in the village of Saint Catherine before driving back to our residence on the Red Sea.  We have time to relax for the rest of the day.  If you feel like it, please consider to take some time to make a video with your impressions of the retreat that will allow Wim to broaden his mission.

Day 14

We will interact with each other and  share our experiences and finally we will return to Sharm El Sheik airport to take the return flight.


  • All transfers in Sinai, from arrival to our residence on the Red Sea till the moment we come back from St Catherine to the seaside.

  • Enjoying 14 days of breathtaking nature.

  • All overnight stays, both by the sea and in the desert.

  • All meals, both by the sea and during our desert trip.

  • All drinks are included during the trip.

  • All costs of the guides and their camels, and the cook who travel with us in the desert are included.

  • Professional guidance during assignments, breathing- and movement exercises and meditations during the entire program provided by life coach Wim Everix. He is always there for you.

  • All the necessary logistics.

  • Transport by camel of all your belongings, except your day pack.


  • Plane tickets to and from Sharm el-Sheikh.

  • Transfer on arrival from airport to coastal residence and back to the airport.

  • Personal expenses, souvenirs.

  • The cancellation insurance, luggage insurance and repatriation.

  • Tips for the Bedouins who guide us on the tour!

  • Visa fee (if required).



You can opt to pay in 2 times,

via Paypal

or via IBAN: BE33 7875 5322 8446

( deposit :1200 €  + remainder : 1250 € )

deposit :1200 €

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remainder : 1250 €

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Price per participant: € 2450.

A complete overview of our travel conditions can be found in the registration form.

You are registered after paying the deposit + returning the completed registration and intake form. The remaining solde is paid no later than 1 month before the departure date.  If you still have a question, please send a whatsapp message to Wim at +32 477767833. 

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