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There is something magical about the experience of traveling in group through this mystical desert.  We deliberately keep the groups small, maximum 8 people.   If we add up to that our supper team (a local guide, a cook and some camel drivers), we can quickly speak of an impressive caravan that crosses the desert.  Both in springtime and autumn we travel in groups through the Sinai desert.  Each time you have the choice between a complete silent retreat (the 10 days we hick through the desert), or a retreat with a 'talking circle', a moment to ventilate, to share or to ask.  During this moment we like to listen to your needs and collectively we will support your specific situation.



We want to give every individual the opportunity to experience a tailor-made solo trip.  In this way, people with a busy agenda can also determine their private adventure in consultation with Wim, to experience this life-changing experience.  Those 14 days (or the time that is convenient for you) will be entirely dedicated to you.  Here too, both options are offered 'in complete silence' or 'with a sharing moment'.  The full program, which can be adapted to your needs, can be found below.  You can always contact Wim via whatsapp on +32 477767833 to further develop this unique opportunity.



Silence became very rare in our lives of every day.  We strongly believe it can contribute an exceptional ground to re-connect with the deeper layers of the soul and there for with life.  Silence does not necessary mean the absence of sound.  As we feel it, it rather refers to that place deep in your self.  Therefore we believe it is easier to reach that place by not reactivating the thinking mind.


Over the years we have experienced that there are many people who feel very inspired by our project.  Many people feel this calling.  When we enter into a dialogue with our community, however, we notice that quite a few people feel some resistance with the idea of ​​10 days of silence.  Some people feel the need to have the possibility to ventilate at the end of the day.  That is why we have decided to also offer retreats with a 'talking circle'.  During this moment we like to listen to your needs and collectively we support your specific situation.

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