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Pippi shows us the way. “I have never done it before so I think I can.”

Do you know the story of Pippi Longstocking?

And do you know why Pippi adorns my backpack during our trip in Sinai?

Well, Pippi has become our mascot at Walk for Gold. Sure, this calls for a bit of explanation and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy giving this information to you in this blog post.

How many of you remember the story of Pippi Longstocking from your childhood? If some of you don't, let's refresh the memory.

This little girl with the red braids and the freckles is from Sweden. She is the hero of the story series conceived by Astrid Lindgren, which she wrote for her daughter. Fortunately, she soon realized that the stories of the little tough girl were popular and she decided to publish them.

We probably remember best the stories of the red-haired girl with freckles by the popular television series that was made, based on the same character.

Pippi Langkous lives with her monkey Mr Nilsson and her horse Small White in the colorful Villa Kakelbont. She manages on her own and she doesn't always get the approval of the people in the town. But Pippi simply ignores these prejudices. She lives her own life as she thinks is right. Pippi is rich, she pays for everything with gold pieces and she is also very strong. She uses her strength to confront anyone who wants to snatch her gold coins. She takes care of her energy (Gold).

Pippi is always cheerful and happy as the sun. She is not afraid of anything. She is incredibly courageous. And perhaps the most important thing: she is always daring to do different things!!! Even things she has never done before!!! This may mean tossing things differently, using her own creativity and her own imagination.

There is this one characteristic of Pippi that strikes me the most, namely

"I have never done it before, so I think I can!"

The sentence above, is not just a tiny sentence, but a statement by a little girl (the hero) in the story. With this single winged statement she kindles something essential that is deeply hidden within all of us. Buried under generations of education and evolution. This very essential part of us,, this free spirit, is many times overwhelmed by the daily grinds of life, by the rat race amidst which we live nowadays (especially in the West). These contemporary compulsions have succeeded in making the majority of our population believe you have to adhere to certain norms. "You have to do this", "you have to do that sister, otherwise..." And, "you may or may not do that." "Watch what you do." "Careful ... because ... otherwise you hurt yourself." All these behaviors and statements have crept into our subconscious and have gotten a hold over ourselves. Then these are passed on, indiscriminately, from generation to generation.

Deep down, all of us have the desire to live in an adventurous, curious and fearless way. We can start again and release our hero (the little girl or boy) within ourselves more often, in order to experience a different reality again. Through the realization of the existence of this little tough girl, we begin to understand that we no longer have to live the dreams of other people (those who keep us tethered to the larger system). No! It is about time that we stand up as individuals and bring our own dreams to the forefront again. IWe can stand in the life again, coming from our own power. The first good step to initiate this process is to reflect on what actually happens in your life. Don't just swallow everything they throw at you.

We wonder and introspect what will happen if you keep on swallowing what they throw at you? What is going to happen to you? And what is going to happen to our planet? Do you have the guts to go and stand into your own power? Gather your courage and take the step. Broaden your field of vision again. This can only start with you. Peek inside yourself and become aware of what happens when you live the dream of others. Then look deeper, at your own core and find yourself lurking there, craving to come out. Step outside. Don't worry about what your family, friends, colleagues and everyone else are going to think or how they are going to react. You need to get into the action mode. You have to take your responsibility. This is a very significant step.

Step-by-step, you shift towards the stage where you live by your own energy rather than the energies of the others. If you don't do that, you will go on in circles and eventually, completely lose yourself.

We don t want to get stuck any longer in the game of power and at the same time the game of powerlessness – an unhealthy game of manipulation and dependence. Now is the time to stand IN the world through our own strength. This is what Astrid Lindgren wants to make us aware of. No doubt she is a pioneer. Her message is engraved in the subconscious of many people from multiple generations. People of my generation must stand up. Hence, I consciously chose Pippi as the mascot of our "Walk for Gold" project. This way, I also want to do my bit to support the creator's work and, if possible, bring the central philosophy at the core of the consciousness of the people. I want to promote her brilliant creation! The time to awaken is here and now. I also want to spread her powerful message among as many people as possible, a message that is already there in the subconscious but now must be shifted to our consciousness.

By consciously choosing Pippi as the mascot of our "Walk for Gold" project, I intend to expedite this transition from the subconscious to the conscious. The more we consciously think about what Pippi signifies, the sooner humanity will awaken to the need to connect with our real selves.

Pippi's wealth/energy/strength is her collection of symbolic gold pieces that she wants to defend and preserve with a mix of strength, creativity and fantasy. With our mission, ‘Walk for Gold’, we want to inspire people and motivate them to do everything possible to invite more soul back into life. More and more, every day, so that we can bring our gold, our gifts and talents into the world. Move your attention back to your essence and begin to focus on your own gold. This way, you begin to flow again into the stream of abundance. And then you can exist in this world as you really are, with your own unique mission and in the same way, you can be what you truly are.

Start living from the soul, from the heart, so that we no longer share from our personality that is partly created by the hurts who were created in the past.

IWe want people to start living their own dreams again, and share their natural abundance with people and situations they choose themselves. It is time to bring your own gold into the world! The time is now! Life then again will be one big party for everyone!

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